Bones Rapper – Upcoming Album- A Complete Biography

Bones Rapper
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Bones Rapper is from America. His real name is Elmo Kennedy O’Connor. He was born on 11 January 1994 in Marin country, California, United States. His mother used to design clothing, and his father was a web designer.


Let’s start with his childhood, he was not much interested in studies and dropped out of high school to go and live with his brother in Los Angeles. He left his parents and started his career in music. He started releasing his music albums with the name the kid as soon as he came to Los Angeles in 2010.

In 2012, he changed his name to bones. He performs with the other band members of Seshollowaterboyz and is also one of four members of Seshollowaterboyz.ย 

In 2014, he got huge attention. It was a very big year for Bones as it was the year when he released his five mixtapes. These names are Respect, The Fader, Pigeons & planes. Bones worked on multiple shows and also sold one of the houses of blues in Los Angeles.

He bought Shlohmo at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles from the money he earned from his shows.

In 2015 he performed with various other rappers and also made different TV shows. In the same year before opening for electronic artist Shlohmo is at The Fonda Theatre. O’Connor was later featured on ASAP Rocky’s “Canal St.” which was a remix of O’Connor’s song “Dirt.” The song later became O’Connor’s first feature on the Billboard charts.ย 

O’Connor and GREAF started releasing songs under a second side project called “OREGON TRAIL”. The project is stylistically similar to surrender Dorothy but has been noted as having a “darker” and “rougher” tone.

In 2018 he went on a Europe tour which he named Deadboy. Then he released KoKo. He also visited Germany, France, and various other European countries.ย 

He also released 7 singles.ย 

Upcoming Albums

The best thing about Bones is, that he is living a well-balanced and maintained life. He has never indulged in controversies. He recently released new tracks and plans to entertain his fans in the future.

Music Style

He’s known for his “emo rap” style of music, which is labeled as strictly his own, as well as the rapid rate he releases music (including 100 music videos and over 50 mix tapes), his resistance to joining major record labels, and charging money for his music, despite significant interest by many.

Personal Lifeย 

Like many other celebrities, Bones also want to keep his life secret. His current income is $2 million. It is believed by his fans that by the age of 40, he is going to be super rich as he earns a lot of money from his TV shows and the music which he sings. Moreover, his only income source is his tracks and shows. He loves his parents and expresses his love often.


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