Felix Rapper – All Facts About Him That His Fans Would Love to Know!

Felix Rapper
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Felix rapper is from south Korea, and he is a part of the boy band stray kids. He is not only a great rapper but a dancer as well. In the international pop industry, you will find Felix, one of the most popular faces. However, Felix and his fellows started the band back in 2018. Moreover, there are several albums released by his band. 

Currently, they are having seven albums and more than 30 music videos. These songs are available in English, Japanese, and Korean language. 

And that’s not all; you will find the concerts of Felix with his band in various countries, including Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. You will love his voice of Felix because it is soft and unique from the other singers in their band. 

Want to know more about the ambitious Felix? Read on!

Felix Rapper Profile

Felix was born in Sydney, but his parents are from Korea. He has one elder and a younger sister whose names are Rachel and Olivia. His educational background starts at st Patrick Marist college, and it is in the catholic church as well. Besides, you will be shocked to know that Felix has a lot of nicknames including jikseu, bbujikseu, and bbajikseu.

Other than that, Felix has won a black belt and several other medals from his childhood. He speaks English, and several people compliment him because of his freckles. Moreover, he won a swimming competition in 2015. Besides, some of his hobbies are shopping, dancing, traveling, music, and beatboxing. 

This wrapper is not only good at singing, but he is a good soccer player as well. His favorite singer is Ariana Grande. His favorite season is winter, and the color is black. However, his Korean name is yongbok, and he doesn’t like it.

Other Favorite Things Of Felix

This rapper loves his song that is “A little braver”. Likewise, Felix loves the movies of comedy and action genres but hates to watch horror movies. He loves to travel with his family. The role model for Felix is Big Bang G-Dragon. Not only that, he loves to listen to logic, joey bad, and Kenrick Lamar.

Also, he is close to xinlong, boys eric, and zeyo. However, there was a tragedy with this band in dec when one of the episodes was eliminated from the stray kids. Later on, the episode was added with the 9th one. Felix says that if he wasn’t a part of this band, then he would be a songwriter.

Felix In A Dorm

Felix has stayed in a dorm for 7 to 8 months, and he was enthusiastic about becoming a massage therapist. He was sharing a room with two other people, woojin and changbin.


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