Kid Buu Rapper – A Complete Bio, Career, Personal Life

Kid Buu Rapper
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Kid Buu Rapper is from Canada. He is popular almost the whole work because of his songs such as ‘Double Up,’ ‘Death 2 Soundcloud,’ ‘Dead Roses,’ ‘Frozen Soul,’ and ‘On Me.’ In 2017, he released more songs that hit on top and were streamed by lots of people. His albums are also liked and got huge attention. More than that, he is living a controversial life for his music.

Besides that, he is an active rapper on social media on Instagram with over over 473 thousand followers. He also created a ‘YouTube channel but has posted only one video on it to date: the music video from the album Blind For Love’ from his single ‘Greener Days’.ย 


When talking about his career, he started with the album ‘K A N E D A,’ which was released on April 13, 2017. Again in the same year, he released another album titled Blind For Love. Later, he collaborated with Oohdem Beatz for the album. In 2018, he again released the album. On September 17, 2018, his single ‘Poppa’ was released. Moreover, he released the song ‘Death 2 Soundcloud,’ which is one of his most notable singles. There are other hit songs of Kid Buu, which are ‘Double Up (Run It Up),’ ‘On Me,’ and ‘Dead Roses (Never Wanted You).’

He was rumored to be in a relationship with social-media star Sarah Penman in 2018. But it ended soon. He was also rumored to be gay. However, his multiple relationships with women contradict the rumor.

Why Do People Like

He is a rapper well known for published songs on the network called “Double Up (run it up),” “On Me,” and “dead roses (never wanted you).” Not only after releasing the song but also before his fame, he became an Instagram sensation with 500,000 followers after beginning to post in October of 2017. His first music video was for a song called “Greener Days.” He collaborated with Oohdem Beatz on an album called Blind For Love.ย 

Music Style

Professional Rapper and Social Media Personality

Personal Lifeย 

His real name is Marquez Lao Santiago. He grew up in South Florida. Before starting his rapper career, He had been cited for child abuse in 2008 as well as arrested. In late 2017, Santiago changed his stage name from “Humongous The God” to “Kid Buu” to his favorite Dragon Ball Z character and his love of anime. The “Majin” tattoo between his eyes, fangs and pink hair further promotes this persona.

Furthermore, he has a vlog. He has a Youtube channel named Life of Buu. But he is inactive on there except he uploaded one video yet.

Recently he was dating a model and reality TV star, Blac Chyna. The new lovebirds were on a Hawaiian holiday when headlines about their violent fight got the media’s attention. Kid Buu’s girlfriend, Blac Chyna, is no stranger to drama and the media spotlight.


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