DJ Jelly – ATL Icon Number One Best Mixtape DJ In Hip Hop & World Wide!

DJ Jelly – ATL Icon Number One Best Mixtape DJ In Hip Hop & World Wide!

DJ Jelly, known as The Stamp of Approval, is an understudy and educator of Hip-Hop and is viewed as quite possibly the most persuasive DJs, in the South as well as everywhere on the world. Despite the fact that his Dirty South style of Hip-Hop was not perceived until mid 2000, Dj Jelly alongside his accomplice Mc Assault, eagerly drove the campaign and have had the option to stay an applicable power in the supporting and working of this vital and developing section of Hip Hop.

Barely short of twenty years, his awards are just about as ample similar to his universal plan for getting work done. Among the remnant of a withering species of really talented DJs, he stays energetic to his exhibitions and keeps on utilizing the essential components of cutting, scratching and blending and is notable around the planet for his curiously inventive remixes, just as, his unmistakable melodic translations.

Jelly’s gatherings are CRUNK to the most elevated force of unadulterated energy; they are exceptional and appealing to all races, societies and ideologies and have taken him from Montgomery, Alabama to Toyko Japan – he is universally known and hood regarded!! He is a result of the scandalous “Oddity Nik “occasions of the mid 90’s that aided make Atlanta the music mecca that it is today. Jelly keeps on engaging millions around the globe through his different scope of Dance, Old School, Reggae, R&B and Hip-Hop music.

Furthermore, this capable DJ has been a critical factor in breaking neighborhood Atlanta craftsmen like OutKast, Lil Jon, T.I, Jeezy, and Dj UNK, to submissively name a couple just as breaking craftsman into the southern market like The Notorious Big,Lil Kim,Faith Evens,Craig Mac, Timberland, Cassidy, 3’6 Mafia, and Fat Joe. This was done, in huge part, close by his DJ Crew, the Southern Style DJs who have on the whole sold large number of Mix CDs and Mix DVDs all through their 10-year connection.

Jelly has won various honors in his vocation including the esteemed Justo’s Mixtape” Dirty South DJ of the Year” in 2003, TjsDJ’s 2004 “TasteMakers Award” 2004 SEA’s “Best Blend Tape ” and most as of late SEA’s 2008 “Messy South Dj of the Year” alongside a large group of different assignments that range from the Legendary Mix Show Power Summit to The Source Awards.

His prominent occasions, dj imaginativeness and his capacity to perceive and break new ability set him in the spotlight with incalculable appearances on BET’s “The Basement and “Rap City” Adding to his multi-media venture, Dj Jelly has showed up in various print and online distributions, for example, The Source Magazine,XXL,Rap Mullet,Nah Right,and

Dj Jelly’s business sharp drove him to helping to establish the unbelievable autonomous mark “Large OOMP RECORDS” just as a chain of music retail locations, BIG OOMP RECORD STORES , that have gotten a staple in Atlanta’s metropolitan music scene. With a well known T.V. show under his belt(Live With The Oomp Camp) and interminable local area and person to person communication programs… . Dj Jelly has had the option to epitomize the genuine significance of” THE STAMP OF APPROVAL”!

With regards to selling blend tapes in the Deep South, there are just two DJs who hold the qualification of being the most smoking selling DJs all through the entire area. One is the unbelievable DJ Screw (RIP) of Houston who in the class of music known the world screw music. The subsequent DJ will be DJ Jelly out of Atlanta. Jelly’s specialty is that he was the principal Southern DJ to sell significant units (he times in at around 120,000 units each year) while doing all Southern blends.

Dj Jelly started his celebrated DJ vocation when he was a youngster tossing parties in his old neighborhood of University City, MO. Jelly’s characteristic capacity on the turntables acquired him an apprenticeship with U City’s unbelievable DJ Kutmaster K, who encouraged the sprouting DJ by allowing him to spend time with him on different gigs and would once in a while show him a couple of things about the essentials of DJing.

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