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Tyler the Creator
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Tyler the Creator’s Album Cover has been announced. It is his fifth studio album, IGOR, by unveiling two pieces of artwork. He shared on Monday afternoon an abstract portrait of Tyler, drawn by Lewis Rossignol. The 39-year-old illustrator tells Complex that Tyler’s collaborative relationship began six months ago through an Instagram DM.

This album is liked by famous singers such as Rossignol says, “That’s pretty much how everybody finds my work”. He remembers Tyler referring to his work as “hard and dirty” and complimenting the artist on his raw, sketch-driven style. 

Who is Tyler?

Tyler is also known as Tyler, The Creator. He is an American rapper, producer, video director, and song producer. He is the co-founder of the flourishing hip-hop collective ‘Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. When it came to his career, he began by uploading songs on ‘Tumblr’ that quickly went viral and grabbed mass attention. They released his first mixtape ‘Bastard’ and soon followed it up with his debut album ‘Goblin’. Lots of his songs continue to reflect verses of his adverse past. 

Not only that, He has performed in top television shows such as ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’, ‘The Mindy Project, and ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live.’ By hosting the annual ‘Camp Flog Gnaw’ carnival at Exposition Park in Los Angeles, the event attracts music lovers from all over the world.

Moreover, he got the chance to work with mega recording brands such as ‘XL Recordings,’ ‘Sony Music Entertainment, and ‘RED Distribution. Currently, he has joined the garment industry by founding his own clothing company called ‘Golf Wang’. 

As far as the debut of mistakes is concerned, he produced the great mixtape, which was titled Bastard in 2009. After that, he recorded ‘XL Recordings’ as well as released his first single from the album named ‘Yonkers’ was released on radio. In 2010, he released his new album named Goblin.

Due to his great achievements, he is awarded as the best artist and performer.

Upcoming Album 

There is no upcoming album, but his last album was released in 2015 that was his third official album. In the same year, he released his two singles on Odd Future’s YouTube channel, which were named ‘Fucking Young’ and ‘Deathcamp’. After that, he released his album titled ‘Cherry Bomb’.

Personal Life 

He is in Los Angeles and bought his first home after his album ‘Goblin’. Not only that, he bought his mother and sister home the same year, which was his luckiest year. He also has a step younger brother. He reveres his mother for her struggle. At the MTV Video Awards, he moved his mother to tears. He is grateful to the Odd Future members for sheltering him during his most difficult times. Moreover, he has always been in more than one controversy with magazines and organizations, citing that his songs’ lyrics are racial, abusive, and disrespectful, especially to ladies.

It was also reported he was dating Kendall Jenner in 2016, but later, he denied it. However, speculations were put to rest when the two openly stated on ‘Twitter’ that they weren’t dating.


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