Beastie Boys Album Covers – First-Ever White Rap Performers

Beastie Boys Album Covers
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The beastie boys album covers are evergreen. This American group has gained a substantial fan following from the beginning of its career. Even now, you will find the albums of the beasties boys unique from the other rappers. The beastie boys are the main reason for bringing rap famous all over the world. 

Beastie Boys Album Covers Since 1981

This group of boys is from 1981, and they started with the downtown music kind of scene, but they were quite artistic from the beginning. Later on, the beastie boys evolved their group by adding some hardcore music. 

The singers in this group were releasing single tracks as well. Moreover, you can find the singles of the beastie boys with the def jam. They collaborated with the de jam on more than ten songs. 

Other than that, they went on a brief tour with Madonna, and from there, they had the attention of the press. They were not much popular before they went on a tour with the black rappers. However, they made the right decision to gain credibility among their rap audience.

One of their single hit was you got to fight for your right – to the party. This song is quite emotional yet motivating at the same time. You will also love their stylistic affinities, which sets them apart from the other rappers. Also, there are some critics of the beastie boys who said that their rap is too hardcore.

Members Of Beastie Boys

The beastie boys have nine members, and it is the biggest American rapping group since 1981. The main members of the band include Adam Yauch, Michael diamond, and rock. Adam and yauch are from new york city, but the rock is from new jersey.


The beastie boys’ first album cover was a huge hit in 1981, but in 2021 they released the rock and roll hall of fame album, which is quite popular. Moreover, the Horovitz and diamond are having the most fans among all other members. There is a complete documentary on the beastie boys’ career from the beginning that came out in 2020.

Music Style

  • Rapping 

This band comes with the world record of selling more than 20 million albums in the US. Moreover, beastie boys are the ones who took the initiative of bringing rap into the music nation. Since 1991 the beastie boys are popular. However, one of the members of the beastie boys died eight years ago, and it was a huge loss for the whole music industry. Adam was only 47 years old.

Aim Of Beastie Boys

The goal of beastie boys was to create music that is unique yet exciting for all age groups to listen to. At that time, it was shocking to know a band with so many members.


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