Flower Boy Album Cover, Career, Music Style, Personal Life

Flower Boy Album Cover
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The flower boy album cover is created by Tyler. Flower Boy is also known as scum fuck flower boy. It’s a fifth studio album that was released on July 21, 2017. This album has a theme of main depression, sexuality, loneliness, friendship, love, fame, and materialism.

When flow boy leaked instantly, this album got huge fame from people. It has who that boy and. 911/Mr. lonely, which later released a double single, ain’t got time and boredom.

Not only did it gain popularity but also acclaim from critics. But it has got a second number on billboard 200. 

Who is Tyler?

He is a rapper, musician, actor, songwriter, record producer, visual artist, comedian, and designer. No doubt, he is a jack of all trades.

He was born on March 6, 1991, in Lasers Heights, California


He started his enthusiasm for music at the age of 7. At 14, he learned how to play the piano. Later on December 25, 2005, he released his first mixtape, which was named Bastard. After a huge break on February 11, 2011, he released Yonkers. On April 2, 2013, he released Wolf, then he released his 3rd album named cherry bomb. In 2015, he decided to be featuring five different album covers. In July 2017, he released his fourth album, titled Flower Boy. Albums included Goblin in 2011, a wolf in 2013, a cherry bomb in 2015, and a flower boy in 2017.

He got three awards in 2011, which are known as the MTV video music awards, best new artist, and the MTV sucker free award. 

After that, he also got a must-follow artist as well as a rookie of the year, two awards. 

He was nominated for Grammy awards in 2013. Also, he was nominated for best air direction and Grammy awards.

Again in 2015, he was nominated for MTV video music awards.

Why do people like it?

Tyler is multi-talented such as a rapper, record producer, songwriter, and video editor; people know him as Tyler the Creator. Not only that, he is the co-founder of the flourishing Hip Hop collective. From Tumblr, he started his journey and quickly went viral. 

Songs are yonkers, who dat boy, see you again, domo23, OKRA; I Ain’t Got Time, Smuckers, garden shed, oldie, where this flower blooms, tamale, death camp, boredom, pothole, glitter, firewood, answer, Jamba, sometimes, French, and lots more.

Music style 

Rappers, hip-hop singers 

Personal Life

He is living in Los Angeles. He brought his house after the huge success of Goblin. In the amae year, he brought a house for his sister and mother. He has a younger brother from his stepmother. In the MTV video awards, he thanked the odd future members for providing shelter in his most difficult times. He also got controversies in organizations and magazines. People thought his lyrics are abusive, racial, and disrespectful to women. But people like them also. He has not any girlfriend yet, but in late 2016, rumors were leaked that he dated Kendall Jenner, but later, he corrected that they were not dating.


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