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prince of new york
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The Prince of New York is also known as the J.I. He, the popular rapper from Brooklyn, Newyork. At the age of 11, he started his journey in rapping and got huge achievements. He appeared as a star in the second season of Lifetime’s The Rap Game. This was a show hosted by Jermaine Dupri.

The most surprising u-turn in his life was to drop out of an album titled Hood Life Krisis Vol. 1. Which was released in Sep 2019. He followed it up with Vol. 2 on December 13.


He was born on September 23, 2001, in Brooklyn, New York City, New York. He is the most popular rapper and knows for the second season of the ‘Lifetime’ channel’s reality television series ‘The Rap Game.’ He also took part in various rap battles in and around the United States. He started working in his early teens and is knowns as a battle rapper. 

Moreover, he is an internet celebrity with more than5 a million fans. He always stays active on social media and has a YouTube channel named ‘JI THEPRINCEOFNY,’ which houses several music videos. His channel, which was created on November 15, 2012, has so far accumulated more than 93,000 subscribers, that’s also a huge achievement. 

At the age of 11, his name had become an expert rapper. At the age of 14, he first showed off his rapping skills to the world. Now he becomes a prominent battle rapper in the U.S. His life was changed after shooting the ‘Lifetime’ channel’s reality television series ‘The Rap Game.’ J. I became a popular contestant as he was pinned against a famous rapper called Lil Key. Later in 2016, he released a freestyle video titled ‘Quiet Storm,’ which became a massive hit on the internet. After that, he released a popular single named ‘CRZY.’

People love his videos which include ‘Run It Up,’ ‘Why U Mad Ft. Nova & Lil Key,’ ‘You Never Know,’ and ‘Quiet Storm Freestyle.’ After that, in 2017, he released a video titled ‘Why U Mad.‘ Out of the biggest reasons to become a successful rapper is his impressive lyrics. On September 30, 2018, he posted a video along with his girlfriend that got attention nationwide. 

Personal Life & Family

Let’s discuss some facts from his personal life. His origin is Puerto Rican origin. He currently lives in New York and is focused on strengthening his career as a rapper. In his childhood, he was inspired by an artist named Tupac and Nas. He grew up listening to Nas and Tupac; At an early age of teen, he decided to become a rapper. He started living according to his dream and tried effort towards that to become a well-known rapper. More than that, he is very close to his family. He often takes pictures with their family. He has a sister named Nia, whom he likes spending a lot of time with.

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